Costume Box

Who knew that a chance encounter in an Obstetricians waiting room 18 years ago
would eventually culminate in Australia’s #1 online store for costumes, party and fun?

Nikki Yeaman met Roma Burke whilst pregnant with their first children in 1998.
Their respective backgrounds didn’t scream “Online Retail” at first glance; Nikki was
trained as an archaeologist, and Roma had a successful career in five-star hotel
management, but a shared passion for customer service and assembling a fantastic
team around them has been the key.

CostumeBox’s aim is to offer the customers incredible choice with the most comprehensive
range of fancy dress costumes, accessories, and party supplies in the world. We strive to
make it easy, fun and convenient to shop with us anywhere anytime on a world-class
e-commerce platform and offer an unmatched fast and free delivery as our standard.

From launching with a range of just 400 costumes CostumeBox now offers an
unmatched range of over 20,000 different items. To date, CostumeBox has
despatched more than 3 million costumes and party supplies to happy customers
in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the USA.

With further range increases and international expansion plans well underway,
there is never a dull moment in the CostumeBox offices. Get the Costume Box student discount and save 50% OFF Online now

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