Jo Mercer

Established in 1998, though originally branded Joanne Mercer, the business has evolved into a diverse and contemporary fashion retailer.
In recent years the brand has flourished with the decision to inject new talent in both the management and product design teams resulting in a stable and consistent brand vision.

In November 2010 it was this vision that saw the business change name to Jo Mercer and ultimately steer the brand in a new direction with a fresher and undeniably contemporary approach to both store fit-outs and shoe designs.
Celebrating 19 years in the industry, the brand continues to expand with 35 stores across the country.
Though the evolution of the brand has been a dynamic one, Jo Mercer continues to capture the essence of the past with exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship paired with contemporary and on trend designs.
As always, outstanding customer service remains at the forefront of the brand’s values. Enjoy the Jo Mercer Student Discount Code.

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