Inspired by the beauty of sport and the power of intelligent design, Splits59 is the next step in the evolution of activewear for women. Our innovative garments meld the latest in technically advanced fabrics with sleek silhouettes and a directional attitude.

High performance is part of our DNA. We believe sweat is sexy and nothing looks better than going the extra mile. Our passion for living boldly and crossing the finish line in style informs every aspect of Splits59.

We started our journey in 2008 when Jonathan Schwartz and Keith Peterson set out to create a new standard in activewear. Schwartz has completed numerous Ironman competitions around the world, from Canada to New Zealand. He founded the company with an entrepreneurial spirit sparked by his father, who co-founded Calvin Klein Inc. Peterson spent his previous career on Seventh Avenue at world-class brands, including Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana.

Everything we sell is conceived in Los Angeles. Our quick-dry sport performance fabrics provide the ultimate in fit and comfort, while inventive layering pieces in Supima cotton offer luxurious sleekness. Our modern designs add a dose of fluid elegance to every gritty, heart-pumping workout. Unique details like flat seams, fluff threads and plush elastics help keep you focused on every soul-expanding stride, rep and pose along the way.

Our name is at the core of who we are, what we do and what we strive to become. Splits59 signifies the power of a single second and the driving will to beat the tick of a stopwatch to :60. We believe it’s the smallest of victories that lay the foundation for a winning spirit and fuels the will to grow stronger, run faster and push harder in any arena of life. Enter the Splits59 student discount code to redeem 10% OFF storewide.

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Enter the Splits59 student discount code to redeem 10% OFF storewide.