From 2011 to Feb 2016 we were known as SlashSport. The time came for us to evolve to a new brand that better supports our vision and values.

Sportitude is more than just Australia’s newest online sports shopping destination.

At Sportitude we believe the secret to a happier life is mastering your ARC – that’s having the right Attitude, having Respect for all others and having Confidence in yourself.

Playing sport and keeping fit and healthy are all activities that lead to constant personal and team achievements. No matter how big or small these achievements are, they all contribute positively to the 3 key traits of your ARC.

Our mission is to provide you with the inspiration, motivation, support, advice, service and the best sports gear for every little milestone and achievement on your journey to building your ARC and living a happy life. Enter the Sportitude student discount at the checkout to redeem

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